Welcome to Normington.

This is the largest and most successful settlement in the World of Darkness not governed harshly by the traditions of the past.

Here a cadre of various supernatural creatures have banded together to make their world and the world around them a better place. They have founded a successful University, Hospital and made the Central Illinois berg an international travelling hub.

Along with the mundane success in the area, the world looks to Normington for two primary reasons: within a six month period two major announcements came from Normington;
First: the regional hospital has discovered a cure for Aids, and
Second: the university has shown arguable proof of the existence of a higher power.

These facts and others have led to great success and positive attention to the area.
The tradionalists DESPISE this. Some worry that the global attention will lead to uncovering the long held secrets of the World of Darkness. Others merely covet the wealth and influence that this independent group have managed to amass in a short amount of time and would wrest control of it for themselves.

The characters have recently found themselves in Normington as unwitting pawns of the Chicago Camarilla, who attempted to use the party members as Trojan Horses to destroy the Controlling members of the Normington World of Darkness.

Normington New World of Darkness

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