Normington New World of Darkness

The Intro

The group was at Cook County General Hospital for various individual reasons when an explosion happened. Many poepl died and those that weren’t were covered in a strange substance coming from the fire sprinkler system.

Soime of the party tried to help those around them, others just tried to escape unharmed. Eventually Dr. Bradley Hill, Arty Carbunkle, Donal Bannon, Holland McCleary, and Vincent Drake were rounded up by a man named Jack who had an ambulance. He said he would take them to get help.

Jack took them to a warehouse type building. It had been set up with some makeshift examination rooms. jack showed them to a communal room, where a doctor or scientist type let them know that they have been changed. He said that they were no longer human or at least something more than human. He had each go to an examination room, where he told each of them what type of creature they had become. Dr. Hill believes him for he can feel a loss, he can feel his soul missing. The others were slower to buy in until they saw more proof, some of it violent, The scientist type told them that they were inflicted by the leaders of Normington. After some training in their new powers they were told that that the leaders of Normington may be able to help them. They were given tickets to Normington IL via bullet train.

Once they arrived at Normington they disembarked through the terminal going through security and exited into town. In the terminal Arty Heard a phone ringing in a locker. A man on that phone told them to meet at a Starbucks across the way. In the coffee house a man flagged us down. We sat at his table. He introduced himself as Cyrus and told them that they were somehow implanted with explosives. Believing that they were not suicidal, Cyrus also believed that they did not have prior knowledge of the explosives and were being used. He took them in a bomb squad van to Miller park cemetery to be de-bombed by Dr. Anthony D’Angelo, one of the leaders of Normington.

They met Dr. Anthony D’Angelo in a crypt in Miller Park. He explained to them that they had a binary explosive in their blood. He had a process that could remove it, but it was dangerous. They all made it through the procedure. Dr. D’Angelo then explained to them that he believed they were being used by the Chicago camarilla to attack Normington in a way that could possibly bypass the technicalities of a standing treaty. Since the party is not attached to any faction we would’ve technically constituted a third-party attack. Dr. D’Angelo asked them to return to Chicago and try to hold the treaty in place. He advises them to try to get an audience with the Prince of the Chicago Camarilla, which is a supernatural governing body of vampires. He said that they may be able to help them, but getting an audience may be tough. The Prince was going to be at Elysium tonight which is some kind of supernatural neutral ground, but still tough to get in without an invitation. He also gave them some goggles of special design, which could help aim our weapons and provided other features.

The party headed to the Elysium at the Chicago Cultural Center building, deciding to enter through the sewer tunnels. Some low-level vampires guarded it. The Party Used their new abilities to defeat the guards and assassins and eventually we worked their way to the gathering. Due to the protocol of the event they couldn’t attack the party. They were brought in front of Prince Annabeth (Don’t know why she isn’t called Princess). She listened to them then passed them on to some lieutenant, known as a Sheriff. During this it was revealed that the Prince’s Second in command (the Senachal) had been behind the attack. The party alongside the Prince and Sheriff dispatched the Senechal, after which the Prince and Sheriff agreed to uphold the treaty and release the odd scientist whom had been held prisoner himself.

The Party returned to Normington and again met with Dr. D’Angelo. He said the party is welcome to stay and take part in the Normington society until they figure out what they would like to do for the long haul.


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