Dr. Anthony D'Angelo

Defacto Leader of Normington World of Darkness


Relatively ordinary looking, Dr. D’Angelo is bespectacled, 5’10", of medium build with dark borwn hair that is greying at the temples. He is rarely seen without his ubiquitous medical bag and white lab coat.

His manner is curt but polite and speaks with a verbose eloquence in a hard to define earopean accent that seems mostly german despite the italian heritage his name would indicate.

He is most often addressed simply as “Professor” and referred to as “The Professor” by those that know him.


Dr. D’Angelo and his companions arrived in Normington a little over five years and founded The Schlorkenheim Institute for Higher Learning.
After some early toubles with permits and licencing, the construction of the university took off at breakneck speed with funding pouring in from multiple sources, local and abroad.

Taking advantage of the largess of the incoming finances, he founded a Hospital connected to the university which would specialize in cardiology and phlebotomy.

the success of these facilities led to the founding of the Normington International Airport and the Normington Multi-Faith Cathedral.

Dr. Anthony D'Angelo

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