Normington History from a supernatural perspective

In the Late 70s, The Camarilla set up a modest contingent in the city to act as a means to keep the territory from falling into Sabbat hands. This influx of Vampires and their corresponding influence led to a faster than normal growth of the city.

In the 90s, rumor spread through the supernatural community that there were powerful relics of some sort to be unearthed in Normington. The rumors were vague and varied, but lack of specifics didn’t stop an influx of supernatural creatures showing up to uncover the relics for their various reasons. It ended up that there were some magical talismans to be found, but they were planted by a group hoping to capture and experiment on the supernatural creatures that came looking for them. There ended up being much fighting in the streets and a fair amount of destruction. The ultimate origin of the violence is still under speculation. The leading theory being a powerful Tsimisce coterie trying to gather supernatural creatures to harvest their parts to graft onto themselves and to create horrid creatures outright. A band of four Malkavians who actually uncovered a lot of the sinister activities claimed that the aggressors were Aliens from space, While others accused those Malkavians of inducing mass hallucinations upon the city. In any case, the violence stopped suddenly and all of the aggressors and the Malkavian quartet disappeared.

Soon after the Millennium there was another surge in supernatural creatures in Normington when it was discovered that there was some sort of local energy node that the local Tremere found and were making use of. In the beginning, the varied supernatural creatures worked together to find a use for the node and the various items that had become enchanted after contact with the node (A bit of a misnomer, as the node was an outpouring of supernatural energy that some creatures could capitalize on. Some of that energy would find itself coalescing into various items of public or private importance)

During this time many of the Camarilla representatives stationed here were assassinated by Sabatt agents. In the wake of this, the new local supernaturals put some of their own in local leadership positions assuming a Camarilla format despite lack of official Camarilla sponsorship. Thus began the reign of Prince(ess) Annabeth and her court. There were a variety of supernaturals in the city ostensibly working together to push out the Sabbat and other undesirable and violent elements. During various subtle and not so subtle skirmishes there were losses to the city’s resident supernatural population. It is during this time that the The Professors first entered the town, resolute on starting a University. Initially a few of the local supernaturals stifled their attempts with their local influence, not wanting an unproven faction to establish an influential foothold. Soon, however, The Professors proved their loyalty and usefulness to the city. Intelligence was found indicating that a massive Sabbatt attack was imminent. The Professors devised some anti-vampire weaponry that was credited for making the local combatants victorious over the overwhelming Sabbat forces. As a show of appreciation, Prince Annabeth decreed that any individual that contributed significantly to the professors’ project would be politically rewarded. In an overwhelming response The Professors were given finances, loaned influence, and even granted controlling interest in a few local businesses to aid their endeavors. As a result, many local supernaturals were given positions of stature in the local city and the professors were able to create their university and a connected Hospital in record time.

Soon, the Camarilla of Chicago took offense that Normington had declared itself a Camarilla city without official approval, (perhaps not coincidentally shortly after The Professors’ Historic press conference) and sent a squad of cleansers to eliminate all of the local supernaturals and reinstate a small contingent of their own, as well as claim the influence amassed. The locals dusted off their weaponry from the earlier Sabbat assault and managed to drive off the Camarilla cleansing squad, but not before the destruction of Prince Annabeth and most of the ruling council. The remaining denizens looked to the professors for the next step. In answer Dr. D’Angelo and Samuel Shields arranged to meet Camarilla delegates in a neutral location. The actual events of the summit are unknown, but that they returned with a treaty with the Camarilla. The treaty indicated that Normingon would be officially considered an “Anarch Free state” and that they would maintain trade with camarilla agencies, but that they would not attempt to expand their territory nor wrest controlling influence of various industry from Camarilla agents. and as long as both sides honored this treaty then neither would bring violence upon the other.

Normington History from a supernatural perspective

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