Normington New World of Darkness

Exploring Church and Warehouse in Peoria

Let's play "Where did I leave my spleen?!"

After agreeing to split up to investigate the 3 suspect Sabbat locations in Peoria – church, nightclub and warehouse – (we’ll have to recap what’s happened from the first adventure to now elsewhere), our heroes (minus Dr. Hill) all show up at the church together. From the outside, it appeared a normal – if slightly gothic – Catholic place of worship. Sunday morning seemed a perfect time to take a look around without causing a disturbance. Finn, Arty, Holland and Drake entered with various types of enhanced perception up. There were LOTS of ghosts in the place, the Father appeared slightly off and the communion wine and bread gave off a slight glow of power. The impression of Death was noticeable in the church – beyond what could be expected. Ghosts were interrogated and Finn did a quick check at a second Catholic church to compare the sacraments and feeling of death. Something was definitely off. Drake made himself seem inconspicuous and went exploring and found a secret room and odd behavior. One ghoul was identified. Out in the parking lot, Holland made a connection to the actual church building and was driven slightly mad. Now able to pierce the illusion covering it, he saw the angelic frescoes, gargoyles and bas-relief statuary were actually demonic perversions performing horrific acts. With Holland mumbling about burning the place to the ground, the group decided to postpone the act of arson until a time that WASN’T the middle of the day and instead check out the warehouse.
It was a large, fenced location with nearly a dozen pieces of heavy machinery outside (dozers and augers and excavators! oh my!). All were well used. With visible “workers” patrolling the scene, there was a need to explore undetected. Holland again performed his “connect with the building” trick and was able to make Finn and Drake appear to be harmless squirrels. The world’s 2 most uncoordinated squirrels clamber over the barb-wire fence and begin poking around. They found half of the warehouse was behind a large locked door and 6 armed guards. The ungraceful duo both got hung up on the trip back over the fence but managed to avoid any serious injury. Arty stealthily cut a hole in the fence and began sneaking around the building to see if he could get into the protected part of the warehouse but was seen by a couple of guards. One phantasmic dragon induced pants-wetting on the part of the guards quickly deteriorated into a gunfight with Finn, Drake and Holland rushing the scene. The guard ghouls were quickly taken out as were the cameras and the team set to exploring the area in detail. Some of the heavy equipment had a taint of death and blood on them and a link to one of the ghosts in the church was discovered. The lock in the warehouse was bypassed and exploring showed 2 things of note: an ominous Sabbat book and a heavy case. Holland retrieved a home-made explosive from his ride to level the place after the heroes were finished with it – not wanting to leave it in the hands of the Sabbat and returned with it to the warehouse to further look at the briefcase. Finn and Drake began a sweep outside the warehouse to remove evidence of their presence and the fight. Inside, Arty and Holland decided that after defeating the expensive lock on the warehouse door, the little lock on the case was too difficult. Using a crowbar is a MUCH better solution… for setting off the C-4 booby-trap inside. So Arty and Holland are ground zero of the C4 explosion. AND the explosion of Holland’s home-made home wrecker bomb. Both are saved by a little body armor and supernatural reflexes allowing them a second to dive for cover (and some liberally-used ectoplasm apparently). Drake and Finn are knocked off their feet outside but relatively mobile (Finn not taking a scratch due to his mystic armor). They retrieve their grievously wounded companions and the book and retreat to the Morton casino for a little mysterious Vampire healing. This gives Arty, Holland and Drake a little more knowledge about secrets among vampires but could incur a debt they must pay later. Finn was last seen in the Casino bar staring at the completely unharmed book retrieved from the rubble of the exploded and flaming warehouse…


I just want to point out that Holland took the full force of both blasts at point blank range and only had minor bruising. Granted, Holland will have to spend the next few days replenishing his ectoplasm supply as it drained all of it to survive.

Also, Arty is an asshole for using his laser cutter on the small chest. I never recommended that he do this. He just did it.


igoritzelf Lockejaw1

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