Normington New World of Darkness

...we order you to return forthwith to your place of origin

or to the nearest convienent parallel dimension.

Uncertain about what to do with Set-in-a-box, it was decided to talk to the one whose rules we may have broken by killing the 3 Brothers. The head of the Sabbat vampires in town – Mother.
Mother agreed to meet the heroes and she arrived with Dennis in tow. She used an unknown vampire ritual to lead everyone on a walk through an alternate plane and emerge in the cave below the dead area. Arty wasn’t familiar with the strange plane and it was different from Twilight and the land of the dead. We told her the story and she investigated the room. Finn analyzed the still-burning torches on the walls and discovered the sconces were magical. It seems that anything put within the holders would burn forever. Which made him wonder out loud about nuclear energy and unlimited Tass.
Mother determined that we were telling the truth and hadn’t broken any rules since we were acting in self-defense. She recommended speaking with the Garou and trying to get their help in finding a place to hide the Antedeluvian far away from living things. Somewhere like the Dead Sea, Utah salt flats or a volcano.
Back up to the surface using the Vampire ritual for the phone call. We used Mother’s Vampire-Garou hotline reserved only for emergencies.
The Garou shaman Twisted Arm agreed to come inside the barrier to meet and warned of the consequences if this WASN’T a real emergency. Once the Garou contingent arrived, everyone went BACK to the cave using a Garou ritual path through the Umbra where the story was told again and the scene was inspected. Twisted Arm agreed that a powerful Vampire resided within the cement block/sarcophagus and that it would be beneficial to the town (and the Garou) to have it removed and hidden far away from other life.
The 2 torch sconces were pulled from the walls and one was given to the Garou as a goodwill gift.
Back up to the surface. (we travel through more dimensions before 9 A.M. than most people do in their entire lives) Twisted Arm aranges for all of us to meet with The Baron in an hour to include the town’s other supernatural leader in the decision. We make our way back to city center. The story is told yet AGAIN and the Baron agrees that everyone acted in self-defense. This time explaning the story, the team included additional background information like how we found multiple areas of weirdness – the Dead Zone where Set was resting and also a second area behind the Baron’s office building where an unknown power was felt and only spiders wanted to stay. Arty then mentioned that when he talked to the spiders last time, they said they were eagerly awaiting the coming of the “Mother Spider.”
(OOC note – true fact: at this point one of the players noticed a real spider trying to crawl into his dice bag. He freaked out and I swear I heard the GM chuckle menacingly /OOC)
Everyone FELT a thrumming of power, tiny spiders began to pour from cracks and drop from the ceiling. Arty looks panicked and announces “They say ’She’s here!’” EVERYONE (vamp, garou, geist, promethian and mage) pours out of the Baron’s cramped office and rushes outside the back door to see 2 large and one HUGE faintly glowing spiders. (think VW bug and SUV size) These are not REAL spiders but seem to be some kind of idealized Platonic scary spider forms. Arty disappears from everyone’s perception, Dr. Hill and the vamps rush to engage the critters and Drake and Finn start throwing magic hoping to hurt the beasts. With various forms of Mage sight, it is determined that the spiders are able to ground out most of the magic through some kind of order power. Powerful blows from the Dr and the vamps are reduced to minor hits that disolve spider chitin into swirls of chaos. There is an open portal beyond the spiders with things in the distance inside moving closer.
Surprisingly, the Garou all do… NOTHING. They hang back unwilling or unable to join in.
Holland McCleary uses his Geist power to create a boneyard and try to influence the situation and gather information. Drake tries to give a spider a psychic headbutt. Finn skirts the aracno-melee and tries to approach the portal with the hopes of closing it, joined by Drake, Arty and others. Dr. Hill and the vamps continue to trade blows with the spiders- the Dr getting slammed repeatedly. He is very grateful for his ability to be healed by lightning and the presence of MULTIPLE people able to give him a few joules.
The portal appears to be connecting to a plane of Order and Finn starts the process to dispell the forces holding it open (incorporating chaos expressed through a game of rock-paper-scissors with a very confused vampire lady). Holland chucks in a grenade hoping the resulting chaotic explosion will help.
The spiders fall to blade, spell and club. The portal is closed but the feeling of strange, twisted power remains. The garou argue among themselves for a moment and then Twisted Arm quiets the others and explains what he knows to everyone present. THIS is the reason the town has been quarantined. A corruption has infected the Weave and a portion has been somehow severed. HERE is where it is trying to spill into our world. The Garou can not directly affect it due to their relationship with Gaia somehow. They can detect it’s influence and need to prevent this corruption from spreading. It has the ability to infect supernatural beings and in order to make sure nobody infected can further taint the world, the Garou put up the quarantine. The leader of the Garou Runs with a Purpose tells us that if this portal was sealed permanently or the taint removed from the Weave, the quarantine would be lifted and we would be free to go (provided we were not infected by the corruption). The presence of Set appears to have been acting as a catalyst to whatever is affecting the Weave so his removal may slow things down but will not fix the problem.

Next time we try to find a way to clean a dimension-wide toxic chaos spill.


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