Sister Mary Margaret Catherine Janine

Steward of the Weeping Mary.


Mary is a woman in her late 20’s with black hair and grey eyes. On the rare occasions when she is seen in street clothes, she would be hard to distinguish from some of the graduate students on campus.

When attending the Weeping Mary she wears a slightly modified habit and wimple to show respect to the non-Catholic attendees of the statuette.

Otherwise when she is going about Catholic religious duties, she is wearing a traditional habit and wimple.


Mary was contacted by Dr. D’Angelo and Rolf Extraordinaire as they were chasing down rumors of miraculous occurrences and had heard rumors that someone in her parish had reported a miraculous healing in her presence. She told them the story of the Weeping Mary, and they arranged for her to bring the item to Normington.

Sister Mary Margaret Catherine Janine

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