Normington New World of Darkness


Why do we have to go to church if it's not Sunday?

After our heroes recovered in the Morton Casino on “Dress like ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’” night (yes, literally) and the good Dr. Hill showed up, everyone gathered in the bar to discuss what Finn had managed to discover about the mysterious book. The Obrimos mage was able to sense the tome was extremely powerful (roughly equivalent to a 6-dot artifact) which could be used to create various portals between the world and an alternate plane and transfer energy and beings across. Vile, tainted energy and horrific beings…

Arty felt this, along with what everyone had managed to find out at the corrupted church and the warehouse, was enough for him to complete the task he had been given by Normington’s vampire Prince Christine, so back to Normington all merrily went.

The group invited Dr. D’Angelo to the meeting/artifact display and everyone met at T’Zers to discuss what the Sabbat in Peoria were up to and what we should do next. The book was giving off a noticeable magical signature and everyone felt the Sabbat would know it had been stolen and would likely be coming for it very soon. It was decided that the book needed to be destroyed. Since there was no handy Mt. Doom, the best person to help destroy an unholy artifact was Normington’s beloved Sister M. M. C. Janine.

Much deliberation was given to HOW things were going to be explained to the Sister without breaking the Masquerade/spilling the beans about the awakened world and potentially giving the Hunters a brand new extremely powerful recruit. A plan was hatched and the Sister was approached. She skeptically let the group know their not-QUITE-lies and evasions were pitifully easy to see but once she understood the group just wanted her help destroying something unholy, she was willing to give it a try.

Caught in the middle of what amounted to an exorcism of a book (bound in human flesh with words written in blood), the ghosts attached to the group were forced out of the room where the Sister was deep in prayer. Holland McCleary had a difficult time trying to keep up with his partner in death as it fled the room and Dr D’Angelo had a similar, if not quite as dramatic, experience.

The exorcism appeared to work and, with the sound of 100 screaming souls, the book was burned to ash. Dr. D’Angelo thought that the Sabbat would now DEFINITELY be coming to take revenge. The now-purified ash was being worked into a charm of protection for the Normington church where the Sister stayed and the group chose to head back to Peoria to assault the Sabbat-corrupted church there with the hopes of setting the Sabbat plans back years if not wiping them out entirely. On the drive a few seemingly demonic bikers were seen going the other way and Dr. D’Angelo was warned of the incoming baddies. The group arrived at the corrupt church in Peoria, now stripped of any attempt at hiding it’s true nature where they got their battle faces on and…


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