Character Generation

Some of you are playing the characters from the short story we ran years ago. Others are redesigning.
Here are the basic Starting Character generation rules:

Character generation:
3/5/7 like old style normal, then spread 5 more (2 dots required to get 5th dot)
(start with the base 1 value in all attributes, before assigning the 3/5/7 +5)

4/7/11 like normal then spread 6 more (2 dots required to get 5th dot)

Potency (Primal Urge, Gnosis, Azoth, etc…):

5 points (cannot be spent on Attributes or skills, only actual merits)

2 points mandatory (does not add to merit total) + up to 5 more than can add 1 dot each to merit total.

Powers (Disciplines, gifts, etc…):
Beginning Normal +3 dots (2 dots to buy 5th dot)
In most cases, this means 6 dots total, some creatures start with more or less. Consult GM if there is a question

When all of the rest of that is spent, have 10 experience points and spend them as you like.

Those who want it can have a free 2 dot merit (artifact/item)- : D’Angelo’s Goggles (New Merit)
You can spend experience points to buy them higher. (I am toying with these being upgradable with money/in-game mechanics as well)

Starting equipment

Character Generation

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