D'Angelo's Goggles (New Merit)

These are very useful goggles that confer many benefits to the wearer depending on which version of the software and which applications are installed.
in game terms, the more dots that are purchased or earned for thes goggles allow more applications to be used.
This gear merit works a little differently than most merits in that the improvements are non-linear. The first Dot is always the same basic functionality, but successive dots get to choose from a list of functions. Many of these functions become more effective when stacked with other functions. For instance the Targeting system can utilize the Thermography system to maintain a lock on a target even after they have gone behind a thin barrier.

“*” Base functionality: Camera and Microphone. Transmit observed events to other goggle wearers or to a base unit. View events transmitted to wearer. Limited text communication between wearers. Record observed events for later viewing +2 to remember an event and allows wearer to “re-search” areas they have already been in at -1 to -2 (as they cannot look under things, or open things that they did not interact with during the recording.

“* *” through “* * * * *”

  • Targeting System: The HUD can mark targets in the area as friendly, hostile, or neutral. The goggle can be linked to a weapon that has been modified for the link. Such a weapon will not accidentally fire at a target marked as friendly and will be at +2 against targets marked as Hostile. All targets are considered neutral until the wearer designates them as hostile or friendly. (the default designation can be changed by the wearer) Can be set up to automatically fire the weapon when it is aimed at a hostile target. (in these cases assume the goggles total skill with the weapon to be 5 + the weapon)
  • Thermograph/Low-light: The wearer can see heat patterns surrounding them. Helpful in determining if someone is undead, but also has many mundane uses. Allows vision in most darkness except where there is absolutely no light and no heat differences to detect. +2 to skill rolls where seeing heat patterns can be useful and to negate darkness penalties.
  • Knowledge Base: similar to having auto google running on the glasses. items in view of the wearer are identified on the knowledge base and some facts can be gathered about them. Most knowledge based and mental skills are at +2. Can try knowledge skills unskilled at 2.
  • 360 vision: Cameras are mounted on the earpieces that show the wearer a field of vision around and above the wearer. +2 to search rolls and to avoid surprise.

D'Angelo's Goggles (New Merit)

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