Starting equipment

This equipment is based on the idea that the characters went through the origin story and this is the gear that they were allowed to keep and that survived the various encounters.

Each character can have two weapons of their choice. One of them can do as much as 4L, the other needs to do 3L or less.

  • No military grade or vehicle grade weapons
  • No Explosives
  • No full Auto
    In addition to these two, each character can have a concealed weapon. This can be melee or ranged but needs to be small (brass knuckles, switch blade, Derringer, etc.) and do 1 damage or less (B or L).

Characters that choose to take D’Angelo’s Goggles can have one of these weapons modified to interact with the goggles.

Each character can have a piece of modern armor equivalent to a bullet proof vest or lesser. On the Gear chart a general rating of 1 or 2.

Other gear
Some characters will Have some gear as dictated by their skills as well as some “common gear”
In general assume to have one specific skill based “tool kit” (like Lock picks, Medical bag, or an actual mechanical tool kit)
Also feel free to come to the first session with a list of minor mundane items that you think your character should have or would have acquired during the origin.

Unless you have a Merit or flaw that indicates otherwise, assume to have $500 in walking around money.

Starting equipment

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