The Professors

“The Professors” is the collective term often used by people and creatures in the know to refer to the five individuals attributed to the success and modern makeover of Normington.

They Came to Normington when it was a Camarilla city run by Prince(ess) Annabeth of the Ventrue Clan. They immediately made themselves useful and their skill sought after when they helped defend the city against a Sabbat attack. While the majority of the professors appeared to be only mediocre at best n combat, their skills for innovation and invention proved to be of great value as they armed the local populace with customized weaponry that helped make short work of the invading Sabbat.

The favor garnered by this went a long way toward getting their endeavors completed, Vampires local and abroad donated great deals of funds and used their influence to see the professors University and Hospital projects completed. By the time these projects were reality, the professors had amassed a great deal of their own influence and financial strength.

They in turn used that influence and finance to further the growth and safety of the city.

It is because of their overwhelming influence and their ability to solve problems previously thought unsolvable, that the remaining denizens of the city looked to the professors for leadership after the Camarilla tried to cleanse the city of supernatural creatures (see History of Normington).

Dr. Anthony D’Angelo
Benjamin Beauracracy
Samuel Shields
Rolf Extraordinaire
Cyrus Banniker

The Professors

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